Antho-Media Sits With @Tru.Carsonn

Today we’d like to introduce you to

Gerrard Carson!

A Houston native Singer.


Tell us about the beginning of your singing career.

It all started at the age of six years old in church. It wasn’t planned I didn’t know I could sing, I was a part of the youth choir and the director was looking for a leader for the solo and I sang the song and everyone was shocked and for me, it was just taking the notes and the lyrics and going from there. Being able to captivate people in the way I was able to at such a young age made me decide to take the singing career seriously. Ever since that one solo at Six-Years Old I've been able to take singing seriously till now. I can say 1 solo at six years old led to the journey of the Tru.Carsonn


Would you say singing is what you're passionate about?