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Antho-Media Sits With @Tru.Carsonn

Today we’d like to introduce you to

Gerrard Carson!

A Houston native Singer.


Tell us about the beginning of your singing career.

It all started at the age of six years old in church. It wasn’t planned I didn’t know I could sing, I was a part of the youth choir and the director was looking for a leader for the solo and I sang the song and everyone was shocked and for me, it was just taking the notes and the lyrics and going from there. Being able to captivate people in the way I was able to at such a young age made me decide to take the singing career seriously. Ever since that one solo at Six-Years Old I've been able to take singing seriously till now. I can say 1 solo at six years old led to the journey of the Tru.Carsonn


Would you say singing is what you're passionate about?

Passionate, yes! Other talents that I use I can say are more hobbies. However singing is something that nobody can tell me that I can’t do, won’t do, or can’t pursue.


Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur in singing? What are your thoughts on your career and singing?

I do see myself starting as an entrepreneur in my singing career. Currently, I sing at local gigs in Houston Tx. But I am willing to broaden the horizon by creating an LLC to sing for Weddings, Funerals, Events, etc. To create a different scenario for people to sing and not just not at an R&B night or a specific type of crowd. I wanna use my talent to give people healing, to give people fun, and not just for a nightlife event!


How is it singing in the Night-Life of Houston? What does Houston offer for singers?

There are a lot of phenomena

l artists that have been doing this for years have opened their platform for new upcoming artists to create a space for the new artist to showcase their talent. To name a few: Erikah Nocturnal, Benji Muziq, Jenni P, and more! Just to name a few of those who create moral support for the new artist. The nightlife can be a bit much, there are a lot of things that happen outside of the singing world. However, the singing world is a night thing. People always say when I grow up I’m going to be a singer and that's going to be my job. It’s a lot harder than that! Me being one of those people it is harder than just saying it, being up all night and turning around the next morning and waking up early to attend another gig it can be a lot.


Do you believe that Gospel has an impact on the R&B world?

Yes! Not in a spiritual element but in music wise it opens a lot of doors vocally for people to broaden their horizons to the R&B world. People might say the gospel world is a lot harder than the R&b because you have to captivate the people in a spiritual way, not just because you can sing but how to get the word across and grasp the attention of the congregation. I feel being in the gospel scene has/will open the door for artists vocally to expand to the country, r&b scene, etc because I do feel that gospel is the harder aspect in the vocal world.


What is a timeline just for 1 gig? What goes into preparation?

When performing you must know the environment and the type of audience in the venue along with preparing you're set. Typically where I sing the venues aren’t the entitled audience they are more hardcore. For example, if you can’t sing they would want you off the stage. It’s like American Idol you have to find a song that will grasp the audience for the winning vote. If you have no supporters in the audience because of a poor song choice it ruins the whole set. It is harder to win back the audience. Singing is not what it used to be, a lot believe that singing is runs, and vocal acrobatics and it’s not, a lot of the time when people do that it takes away from the song itself. I am not over dramatic with vocal agility.


What is 1 Piece of Advice you would give new singers?

Just be about it. If you're gonna pursue a singing career, Start and be consistent with it. It’s gonna get worst before it gets better. Nowadays everyone is a singer and fighting for a record label. So you have to keep going, work for here, and have something that sets you apart from the rest!

The Tru.Carsonn

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Phone: (346) 744-8026



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