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Meet Anthony Edwards: Creator

Hi Anthony, what do you think when you hear risk?

When I hear risk, because of my religious background I view the term risk as “Stepping out on Faith”. In this industry to be new and make an impact you have to take risk and go for it. Most people would say when taking a risk you can’t be scared but I believe it is ok to be scared because you have no clue what to expect. We often don’t follow our goals because we wonder what the people are going to think of us or what the next person is going to say. I had to learn the goals I am trying to reach are goals set by me so only I can depict what helps me achieve them. Now that doesn’t mean that I can’t learn from others but that does mean that I can’t let the haters stop me from being great!


What is your business? Also share a bit about who you are.

I am the proud CEO of Antho-Media Productions, which is a company for your production needs! We specialize in Photography while also offering services in videography, websites, and graphic design. We have been in business for 5+ years originating in Houston TX, now offering services nationwide. I got to where I am today with a focus mindset. My mindset is what sets me apart from my peers. Recently celebrating my 19th birthday I am grateful for all I have accomplished so far and what I am destined to achieve. I didn’t just get here because of my mindset it took those believing in my training and motivating me. Achieving this goal I want to thank God & my parents, but also my KIPP Texas Family. Those in my path really help build who I am today, providing me with the tools and advice that I use on a daily basis. Lastly, I learned that patience is ok! There is no time limit on greatness. In America we love putting a time stamp on success, but success isn’t defined by demographics but determined by who you are!


What is one thing you would like to leave the reader with?

Remember it is never too late to accomplish your dream. I always tell people all you have to do is start! When I say that I mean literally just start somewhere. Once you begin and move forward you can’t go backwards. For example, by creating your business is a start even if that’s all you do. Then you have the foundation to build your brand. Lastly, don’t let the naysayer stop you from achieving your goal(s). I know it is easier said than done however when you build up the courage and confidence to remove negativity, you will have a new glow and your greatness will come even sooner.


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