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When One Door is Shut, Build Your Own Door

One thing I keep reminding myself is I am only 19, I have time. The problem I keep facing is I want everything now; the followers, the money, the fame, but am I ready? Being young in the creative industry I am inspired by many, and I get an urge to do more when I see those my age living my dream. The question is am I hungry for that life if I am not working towards it daily. The sad news is I won’t just wake up one morning and achieve all my dreams, it takes time and hard work, therefore, I must put in that handwork.

Being young I do know what I want, I just don’t know how to get there. I could just follow others and hope that Hollywood would see me, or I could create a path just for me and my creative mind. The reason I created this blog was to give a platform to those who can use it to elevate them to the next level. I know Antho-Media isn’t a known brand or multi-millionaire company. However, we are a company that strives for success and grit.

Myself, I was inspired by Marsai Martin & Markeon Edwards. Seeing these two amazing people I get excited and know that one day that could be me. But I always think, what about right now? Well, if I won’t get interviewed, written about, or photographed, I can create my own opportunity. God has blessed me with all the tools & knowledge I need to do exactly what my dreams are. I can create and write articles, I can take portraits of myself, I can do whatever I put my mind to do and that's exactly what I’m going to do.


Thanks for reading and I can truly say this is the beginning of something that has the potential to be great!


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